Regional Competitions

Regional Competitions


1 to 10 people


Tour + commitment
1 1 MEMBER 35€ 35 € (all included)


All year long, the Centre Equestre des  Combes offers  its members, big and small, to participate in regional competition. We  take care of transporting  the horses and all equipment and will give onsite support to our horse riders. 

How it works

To participate in a competition,  you will have  to reserve in advance at the club which will take care of your inscription. At the day of the competition, we will take care of the transportation of the horses while parents will  take care of their children.


    • Transportation of horses
    • On-site attendance of instructor

Good to know

Be a member of the club

Meeting place

Centre Equestre des Combes Maisonneuve 07230 Chandolas

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